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Holding Hands

It’s not easy to talk about sex. Many people suffer from varying sexual dysfunctions due to medical conditions or side effects from medications, yet they do not discuss their symptoms with their doctors! Some of the more common reasons couples seek counseling from a sex therapist include inhibited sexual desire, lack of arousal, painful intercourse, erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm or premature ejaculation. Sometimes there are simple, quick solutions to problems, but oftentimes people discover that their intimacy issues involve much more than just sex. Intimacy includes major aspects of relationship and communication. These can be the more fulfilling and lasting elements of expressing one’s sensuality, and over time seem to increase in importance as we mature. Sex therapy can be done with individuals, but it tends to work best when a couple enters into treatment together (so you have someone to practice with). Dr. Seidman’s goal is to help you obtain a deeper level of love and intimacy, perhaps, than you have ever experienced before! More recently, people have been seeking certified sex therapists to discuss issues they are having that relate to living alternative sexual lifestyles. Dr. Seidman is one of the few practitioners who identifies herself as a Kink Aware Professional (KAP).


Dr. Seidman was featured on the Women's Radio Network 1 show Keeping it Real with KC as well as the Open Forum with Bridget Grayson discussing sex therapy

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